Q:  Is the iVictrola loud?

A:  A rather subjective question.  It is not as loud as amplified sources but the horns are surprisingly efficient and have enough volume to be useful.  I built the first iVictrola to listen to music out in the garden and other places where I cannot plug-in.


Q:  What does it sound like?

A:  The iVictrola provides sound reminiscent of an old Gramophone.  Don’t expect the bass to “bump.”  It excels at acoustic music and voices and imparts a vintage sound to your modern device.


Q:  Does the iVictrola for iPhone work with iPod or iTouch?

A:  No.  The iVictrola is entirely acoustic, amplifying the iPhone’s built-in speaker using an antique radio or phonograph horn.


Q:  Is the iVictrola compatible with all iPhones?

A:  Yes!  The current design will work with all iPhones through the 4S.  Based on initial rumors, it looks to be compatible with the iPhone 5 as well.


Q:  Do all iVictrolas use antique horns?

A:  Yes.  I am constantly searching for interesting antique horns that are acoustically ideal for iVictrolas.  I believe that the patina these horns have acquired over their 80+ year history makes them uniquely beautiful objects.